Master plan on socio-economic development of Danang city towards 2020 (the main extracts)
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- Develop Danang city to be the powerhouse which plays the crucial role in the regional development strategy applying the multipolar concentrated model and open space; to be in close cooperation with the Key Economic Area  in Central Vietnam and the whole country; to develop marine economy and international economic integration;

- Focus on the efficient exploitation of the potentials and advantages of Danang city to boost the city’s socio-economic development in a rapid and sustainable manner in line with  speeding up the economic structure transformation into service-industry-agriculture and improving the growth quality towards industrialization and modernization; to be an economic-cultural-scientific hub of the region and collaborating with the neighbouring provinces to establish the North-South economic corridor;

- Link the socio-economic development to the urban refurbishment and upgrading as well as urban spatial expansion; focus on the development of physical infrastructure and prepare necessary conditions for the following periods;

- Combine the socio-economic development with health, cultural and educational improvement with an aim to ensure the continuous enhancement of people’s lives and intellectual standards   link economic development to maintenance of social justice and political stability, social order and safety, as well as national defense and security;

- Combine economic development with protection of natural resources and ecological environment which ensures the rapid and sustainable development; simultaneously realize Vietnam’s  millennium commitments effectively;


1. General objectives

Construct and develop Danang city to be one of the large national urban areas of the country and a major socio-economic hub of Central Vietnam with the role of a service hub, the seaport city, the important domestic and international transportation and transit hub; the post – telecommunication and finance – banking center; and one of the centers of culture and sports, education and training, science and high technology in Central Vietnam, the city of strategic position in defense and security of Central Vietnam and the whole country.

2. Specific objectives

a) Economy

- The economic growth is expected to reach 12 – 13%/ year, making Danang a powerhouse of growth and development for the neigbouring areas;

- The economic structure has been transformed towards services-industry, construction – agriculture. The expected economic structure of the city by 2020 would be: 55.6%, 42.8% and 1.6% for services, industry and construction, and agriculture respectively;

-By 2020, the city’s GDP is expected to account for approximately 2.8% of the country’s GDP; export turnover in the period of 2011-2020 is expected to increase by 19 – 20%/ year; GDP per capita is expected to reach US$4,500 – 5,000; the revenue rate over GDP is expected to be maintained at around 35-36%; and the speed for annual average technological innovation is expected to be at 25%.

b) Social affairs

- Realize the state management according to the project “urban government” ;

- Maintain the natural population growth rate of below 1%; create jobs for over 30,000 labors annually; it is expected to have neither malnourished children nor poor households in Danang city by 2020;

- Continue the expansion of education and training scope; promote the socialization of education;  upgrade the school system; ensure the national standards of all grade schools; Improve  the vocational training for industrialization and modernization to ensure  all employees will be provided with appropriate vocational training;

- Continue the enhancement of health socialization; strengthen the resources serving people’s needs of disease prevention and treatment;

- Develop the city’s civilized and modern culture in line with conservation of the national cultural identity;

- Ensure that the economic development would go hand in hand with the improvement of living environment quality; and all residents are equal in the accessibility to public services;

- Focus on development of physical infrastructure in association with the improvement of the quality of urban public services such as transport, water supply and drainage, waste water treatment, environmental sanitation, landscape, parks, lighting, public transportation, etc. to create urban landscape and space as well as to improve environmental conditions;

- Improve the consolidation of the national defense, maintain the political stability, social safety and national security.

c) Environmental protection

The period 2011 - 2015:

+ Ensure that 90% of waste water in industrial and export processing zones as well as domestic waste water from all inner districts would be collected and well-treated;

+ Control all sources of hazardous waste and well treat such waste according to sanitary standards (complete the statistical survey of hazardous waste in the city; complete the construction of hazardous waste collection and treatment system; build the concentrated medical solid waste treatment area);

+ Improve the socialization of collection, transportation and disposal of solid waste; sort the waste at source; ensure that 90% of domestic solid waste would be collected and treated according to sanitary standards;

+ Form and develop the waste recycling industry; ensure that 50% of collected waste would be recycled and about 50% of the dead would be cremated;

+ Ensure that 90% of urban population and 70% of rural population could access to clean water; control the air pollution from arising sources such as road traffic, emissions from industrial facilities and urban areas; ensure that the air pollution index (API) would be less than 100;

+ Expand the urban green space (including landscapes, parks, flower gardens, trees on streets and at schools) in a reasonable layout and species which is expected to reach 3 – 4 m2/ person; implement the measures for conservation of forest biodiversity; continue carrying out the “Natural forest closed” policy; strengthen the management and protection of forests as well as accelerate the afforestation in order to increase the forest coverage up to 50.6% by 2015.

- The period 2016 - 2020:

+ Develop Danang to be an “environment-friendly city” by 2020;

+ Further realize the targets set for the period from 2016 to 2020 which meet all criteria for the environment city, namely: 100% domestic and industrial waste water would be treated to meet the environmental standards; 70% of solid waste would be recycled; 25% of the water would be re-used;

+ Expand the urban green space with around 9- 10 m2/ person by 2020.


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