Da Nang symbol
Publish date 14-04-2017 08:43, Lượt xem: 2257

The Da Nang symbol has the theme 'Three Blues: mountains - river - sea and Three Whites: wind - sky - sand'. The idea emerged from the city's location by sea, mountains, river and rice fields in a picturesque and harmonious landscape. Images of the Marble Mountains, rice fields in Hoa Vang, fresh sandy beaches at Thanh Khe and Lien Chieu and the bridge linking Hai Chau and Son Tra districts are shown.

Logo of Danang city

The building of a swing-bridge linking the two banks of the Han River was the result of the solidarity of the Da Nang authorities and people. It symbolizes the creative and hard-working people developing the city.

Da Nang has a unyielding revolutionary tradition. The white area above represents the Party's leadership in the city's modernization and industrialization process.

The symbol is simple but eye-catching and understandable with harmonious images of nature and people, and traditional and modern features. It can be easily applied to various kinds of material.

The designer of the Da Nang symbol is Nguyen Thuy Lien.