Sharing Experiences and Best Practices in Information and Communications Work Between Da Nang and China
Publish date 04-10-2023 16:01, Lượt xem: 12

On September 22, Mr. Nguyen Van Quang, Member of the Central Party Committee, Secretary of the City Party Committee, and Head of the National Assembly Delegation of Da Nang City, chaired a meeting with Vice Minister of the Central Committee's Communications Department of the Communist Party of China, Ton Nghiep Le, and his working delegation. Also present at the meeting were Head of the City Party Committee's Communications Department, Doan Ngoc Hung Anh and Deputy Permanent Chairman of the People's Committee of the city, Ho Ky Minh.

Secretary Nguyen Van Quang welcomed Vice Minister Ton Nghiep Leand his delegation to visit and work in Da Nang.Secretary Quang emphasized that currently, information and media management, including social media communications, are important issues for countries worldwide, and China has been very successful in this regard. He also praised the achievements of the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese state in managing the press and social media platforms.

Both sides need to enhance exchanges and cooperation between media and communication agencies to exchange experiences and conduct in-depth propaganda about the friendship between the two nations. In today's era of information technology explosion, providing, guiding, and controlling information for the people are challenges that both parties are facing.

Secretary Nguyen Van Quang hopes that in the future, media and communication agencies on both sides will have more opportunities for exchanges, learning, and experience sharing. He also expressed his desire for Vice Minister Ton Nghiep Le to share experiences in leadership and guidance regarding press and media management in China.

Vice Minister of the Central Committee's Communications Department of the Communist Party of China, Ton Nghiep Le, expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome from the city's leadership. He also expressed his appreciation for Da Nang's achievements in socio-economic development and praised the city's vision.

Mr. Ton Nghiep Le stated that China and Vietnam are good neighbors, good friends, good comrades, and good partners. He emphasized that China highly values its friendly relations with Vietnam.

Recently, media channels from both sides have signed cooperation agreements, including media agencies in Da Nang.

"At present, countries are in the process of modernization. Therefore, propaganda work, Party building, and state activities also need to modernize to meet practical needs. Media and communication agencies from both sides need to strengthen exchanges, learning, and mutual cooperation to enhance the effectiveness of communication," said Mr. Ton Nghiep Le.

Vice Minister Ton Nghiep Le believes that the development of communication includes information exchange, sharing, personnel training, and other means. Therefore, he hopes that in the future, both sides will have many opportunities for exchanges and sharing of experiences and best practices in information and propaganda work.




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