Strengthening Workforce Development between Da Nang and Germany
Publish date 17-09-2023 16:00, Lượt xem: 10

On September 13, Mr. Tran Chi Cuong, Vice Chairman of Da Nang's People's Committee, held discussions with the Avestos FAV Training and Education Association from Germany.

Mr. Matthias Kasier, Chairman of the Avestos FAV Training and Education Association, highlighted opportunities and challenges for vocational education, employment, and immigration in Germany. The focus was to enable Danang's youth to access free vocational education in Germany and secure stable employment. Mr. Kasier also emphasized Avestos Group's role in ensuring safe and sustainable human resource development and discussed policies related to dual vocational education, labor, and immigration.

Vice Chairman Tran Chi Cuongexpressed appreciation for the Avestos FAV Training and Education Association's interest in Da Nang’s development proposals.

Currently, Da Nang has not established direct cooperation with regions in the Federal Republic of Germany, but there are already 12 German-funded projects in Da Nang. There have also been cultural exchange programs and Vietnam-Germany trade relations. Therefore, the city hopes to explore opportunities for enhanced cooperation between the two sides.

Vice Chairman Tran Chi Cuongproposed that the Avestos FAV Training and Education Association consider expanding the target participants in future human resource training projects. He also suggested developing programs to train teachers for vocational schools, establishing connections between German vocational schools and Da Nang’s vocational schools for mutual training, and, especially, offering language training centers to teach the German language to laborers, making their study and work more convenient.

These efforts aim to align vocational training and human resource development with the city's development goals.



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