Korean Investors Exploring Infrastructure and Healthcare Projects
Publish date 04-08-2023 10:27, Lượt xem: 16

On the morning of July 31st, the Chairman of Da Nang People's Committee, Mr. Le Trung Chinh, chaired a meeting with a delegation from AMPT Vietnam Joint Stock Company, led by CEO Lee Yun Cheol, during their visit in Da Nang.

During the meeting, Mr. Lee Yun Cheol stated that AMPT Vietnam Joint Stock Company was established in 2022 by the Korean-based AMPT International Joint Stock Company, with the aim of improving community life and health and investing in infrastructure and business projects in Vietnam. Currently, the company has formed joint ventures with Diamond Group Joint Stock Company, Qlila, and The World Group.

"AMPT Vietnam has been authorized by investment funds to invest around 5 billion USD in Vietnam, with the desire to realize social welfare purposes through projects involving international multi-disciplinary hospitals with Proton therapy combined with ecological resorts. We are also seeking new investment opportunities and joint ventures with companies and organizations in Vietnam to implement projects related to infrastructure, seaports, resorts, and agricultural processing plants," shared Mr. Lee Yun Cheol.

Mr. Lee Yun Cheol, CEO of AMPT Vietnam speaking at the meeting

According to Mr. Lee Yun Cheol, AMPT Vietnam's investment direction is to construct high-tech international hospitals with advanced treatment methods as the core, and subsequently develop urban areas and resorts to attract high-income patients for treatment and recuperation.

"While studying investment opportunities in Vietnam, we have noticed that Da Nang is one of the cities with great potential and attractiveness for foreign businesses, especially in the fields of tourism and resorts. AMPT Vietnam plans to establish an office in Da Nang to explore feasible projects, with the expectation of making effective investments in the city," added Mr. Lee Yun Cheol.

Speaking at the working session, Chairman Le Trung Chinh welcomed AMPT Vietnam Joint Stock Company's interest in exploring the investment environment and projects in the city. He also stated that the company's fields of interest, such as healthcare, seaports, and new urban areas, align with the city's investment focus.

Chairman of Da Nang People's Committee, Mr. Le Trung Chinh  speaking at the meeting

Mr. Le Trung Chinh further informed the delegation about some of the projects that AMPT Vietnam is interested in. For instance, regarding the Lien Chieu Port project, the city is currently seeking the government's approval for investment forms, and after that, they will proceed with the necessary procedures and investor selection according to legal regulations. As for healthcare projects such as international hospitals and nursing homes, the city is in the process of auctioning them, and if AMPT Vietnam is interested, they can submit the required auction documents as per the regulations. Additionally, new urban areas are currently undergoing planning assessments, which are expected to be completed by the end of 2023, followed by the investor selection process in accordance with legal regulations.

"The investment participation of AMPT Vietnam Joint Stock Company will significantly contribute to the construction of key city projects until 2030. The city is committed to providing maximum support, coordinating information, and creating the most favorable conditions for the company to research and implement investments in Da Nang," stated Chairman Le Trung Chinh.




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