Da Nang - Gangwon (Korea) promoted cooperation in investment and tourism fields
Publish date 09-10-2022 07:58

On the afternoon of September 28th, Standing Vice Chairman of the City’s People’s Committee Ho Ky Minh chaired a meeting with business delegations, investors, and representatives in charge of tourism and economy of Gangwon Province (Korea) led by Member of the Central Committee of Vietnamese Fatherland Front, Chairman of Viet Nam - Korea Businessmen and Investment Association (VKBIA) Tran Hai Linh, on the occasion of his working visit to Da Nang.

Standing Vice Chairman of the City’s People’s Committee Ho Ky Minh chairing the meeting

On behalf of the city leaders, Vice Chairman Ho Ky Minh warmly welcomed the delegation of Gangwon Province to visit and work in Da Nang, he briefly introduced the city’s socio-economic development over the past time, as well as its development orientations in the coming years, with emphasis on some major fields that Da Nang is focusing on attracting development investment including tourism, IT, hi-tech, logistics, etc.

As one of the localities in Viet Nam that was heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020-2021, the Standing Vice Chairman said that from March 2022, Da Nang has reopened to tourists, with a good recovery of the domestic market; however, the number of international visitors has not fully recovered compared to before the pandemic, including Korean tourists, and flights from Korea to Viet Nam in general and Da Nang in particular are still very limited.

“Through this meeting, it is hoped that Korean businesses and investors and Da Nang businesses will find a common voice and network with each other to promote investment cooperation activities, especially in tourism”, Vice Chairman Ho Ky Minh expressed.

Exchanging at the meeting, Chairman of VKBIA Tran Hai Linh said that the purpose of the delegation’s visit and working session in Da Nang is to learn about the investment environment and promote cooperation in the fields of investment and tourism; to cooperate in developing high-quality human resources, recruit workers for Korean companies; at the same time, to learn about sending different types of workers, students, and interns in accordance with the laws of both countries.

The delegation will also conduct field surveys of residences, golf courses, resorts, and sightseeing spots in Da Nang City in order to build high-class service packages, suitable for Korean and international visitors, through Yongpyong Resort (Korea).

“Yongpyong Resort has a large number of high-end customers; the cooperation with Yongpyong to attract this tourist segment to Da Nang also opens up opportunities and potentials to attract Korean investors to Da Nang”, Chairman of VKBIA said.

Da Nang Travel Association, VKBIA, and Yongpyong Resort signing a Memorandum of Understanding

At the meeting, Da Nang Travel Association signed a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation with VKBIA and Yongpyong Resort, with some main contents including: exchange of tourist information, promotional materials, and tourism data; participation in tourism promotion events and tourism development exhibitions held in both countries; encouraging member tourism businesses to organize tourism programs at preferential prices between both countries and other countries, including developing special programs for cooperation in tourism development for Da Nang and Gangwon Province (Korea).

Additionally, the three parties will support each other’s information to develop all relevant areas of cooperation and use customer files or member networks to promote the development of Viet Nam - Korea tourism cooperation and economy; exchange information and experts in the field of development and planning of new tourist attractions, as well as create technical facilities and guarantees for investors in the field of tourism investment and development in Da Nang (Viet Nam) and Gangwon (Korea); jointly exchange visits of tourism leaders, experts, and officials in order to exchange experience in organizing and managing tourism activities and strengthening tourism cooperation relationship between both countries in various areas.



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