Da Nang – Ready with the Modes for Preventing Novel Coronavirus (nCoV)
Publish date 24-02-2020 10:07

Regarding the complex situation of the nCoV deriving from Wuhan (China), at noon on 24th January (the last month before Lunar New Year), Mr. Huynh Duc Tho – Chairman of the City People’s Committee presided over a meeting with related departments and agencies to discuss the strategies for responding to this epidemic.

As of now, Da Nang has not recognized any cases involving coronavirus infection. For active response, the prerequisite is that the control at border-gates, seaport and airport shall be strengthened to immediately recognize and prevent cases of passengers with signs of high body temperature, coughing, runny nose, etc. entering Da Nang City.

Not only passengers from Wuhan or China but even Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand in which there were people being infected with novel coronavirus (nCoV) are also needed to be carefully controlled.

Presently, the Da Nang International Airport has been readied with an isolated zone for passengers with signs of infection. In the coming time, especially Tet holiday, control shall be highly concentrated for many flights and international ships coming to Da Nang.

Precautions are not only taken at international border-gates, but also at hotels, restaurants and tourist sites in the City which have been widely notified about the epidemic situation, infection signs and necessary methods for dealing with visitors and guests, etc.

The City’s Department of Health required related units and medical clinics to be ready to receive and deal with suspected cases of infection. The Da Nang Hospital has established a separate treatment unit, set up detailed plans together with the modes of receiving, isolating and settling patients as instructed by the Ministry of Health.

As stated by Dr. Le Duc Nhan – Director of Da Nang Hospital, the Hospital has put into operation new equipment to guarantee treatment for patients. The Hospital’s Director suggested that a second option should be considered to be ready for receipt and treatment of patients in case too many patients are recognized at the same time.

Delivering directions, Mr. Huynh Duc Tho – Chairman of the City People’s Committee required the information and dissemination affairs to be strengthened so that the local people would know about the exact official information on the epidemic situation, clinical symptoms and the measures for prevention and fighting as well as treatment when necessary.

These are community-based prevention measures, that if well done, will promote essential effectiveness. Also, these are effective measures to prevent rumors confusing the public regarding nCoV.

The City People’s Committee nominated specific missions for related units to be thoroughly ready with facilities to respond to the epidemic.